Monday 3 September 2012

Cyclist Hatred - Who are these guys, and whats the point of arguing?

I've been mulling over the kinds of cyclist haters that we frequently encounter on the roads, online, in our workplaces etc. and it occurs to me that they're not a very varied bunch. The haters are, for the most part, predictable. Each falls in to one of several categories, and while it is dangerous or even wrong to risk stereotyping even folk who are preaching that because we're cyclists we should be killed (and yes, many of them are doing that, I kid you not) I do think that such an approach might help us determine how best to deal with each category of cyclist hater. What's to follow therefore is a series of posts detaling who these folk are, what they say, and what motiovations may be behind their comments. I'll hope to expand upon this with useful advice on how to respond to these folk; please bare with me while I run through this, and feel free to add comments - this is something I think could do with a range of inputs.

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