Monday 29 October 2012

We'll dispose of your bicycle for you.

This on Homerton Street, Cambridge.

Note if you park a car in the wrong space down there then it will, according to the signs by the parking spaces, be clamped. Your car will not be permanently taken away from you, it will not be 'removed and disposed of'. You can't do that with a car, you'll end up in all sorts of trouble. I suspect that even threatening to do so would land you in a whole world of hurt.

Note that parking in the wrong place down there means physically taking up what may be a disabled place, it can mean physically blocking someone with a disability from being able to use the site. And the signs say you'll be clamped if you do that. Thats right, if you park a car in the wrong place they'll make sure your car STAYS in the wrong place. It'll remain blocking the space. But if you lock your bike up against a tree (which is of course in the middle of the roundabout on Homerton Street - not in the road or obviously somewhere blocking access - in face not obviously a problem at all) then it will be 'removed and disposed of'. They will take your bike away and 'dispose of' it.

Now I'd have thought that implies permanently taking someone elses property. Which is theft. Thats what I'd have thought. But I'm not a cycling lawyer so what do I know?

Thanks Encore Estate Management, really good of you to single us cyclists out for special treatment. Really nice. Remind me never to have the slightest thing to do with you.

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