Monday 19 November 2012

Police Commisisoners - What do we want out of them?

Okay, the Police Commissioner elections came and went. I voted, turns out I'm in a tiny minority (but not as tiny as the number who voted for the winning candidate, fewer than 4% of electorate selected him here in Cambs.).

So we're stuck with this position being a real thing.

What do we want out of these Commissioners? And how do we go about getting it?

We can be pretty sure that the Blue Rinse brigade have already started penning letters complaining about cyclists being in the way, being all over the road, not using cycle lanes, going through red lights, being all over the pavements, killing kittens, summoning the elder Gods and generally destroying Humanity. We know that said Fogey-Squad are out t get us. We know that they're numerous, they're malicious and they're barking mad, and we also know that democracies do tend to cave in to such people. So policing now being 'democratic' an argument could be made that we also need to get just as organised and just as assertive.

So I'm posting this as a starting point - what do we do? Do we need a concerted campaign to write letters demanding what we want? What DO we want? Simply, what do we do?

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