Monday 7 January 2013

'Crackdown on Cyclists' based on ignorance

Its official.

Graham Bright, PCC for Cambridgeshire, could not have based his crackdown on 'danger' cyclists on analysis of accident stats in Cambridge (and as good bash at said analysis as you'll see, which is actually quite hard, can be seen here) because he holds no information about that.

Or in other words, Graham Bright declared war on 'danger cyclists' without ascertaining whether said danger is or is not real. He based his policy, which is to encourage the expenditure of dwindling resources, on his own view which he can neither defend nor justify with any reference to any accident data, at all.

Need I remind readers that Graham Bright did not win a majority of votes within Cambridge? So a man who the majority of Cambridge residents do not choose to represent them, has imposed a police priority in a demonstrable vacuum of knowledge?

Are you listening Cambridge News? This is a scandal. Why aren't you reporting this as a scandal? Oh, thats right, you obviously side with Graham Bright in hating cyclists.


  1. Looking at some statistics give some idea of the real problem and danger to pedestrians (and other vunerable road users). Unfortunately I've not found all of them specifically for Cambridge here.

    The headline that is from Cambridge is that 158,219 drivers were seen speeding in 17 locations in 17 weeks in single locations in town.

  2. I can understand why the Cambridge news might not bite on the cyclist issue but surely they will pick up on Bright's appointment of one of his cronies as deputy, without reference to the police committee (which I gather still exists)?

    The new PCC for Surrey, a former copper, submitted his choice of deputy for review by his police committee and got them approved by them. Surely that should be a standard for all PCCs?

    1. I can't figure it. Bright has already left the goal open for CEN over and over - and they don't want to put the ball in the net. They could sign for my beloved Newcastle United right now.