Monday 20 May 2013

Cambridge News - are you becoming cool?


I mean it.

Three cycling stories in Cambridge News in a row, none of them dripping with the usual derision or troll-bait we've come to expect of that paper.

Ride to raise awareness of safety of cyclists on the A10. Fairly and reasonably covered.

And as I've already blogged, we've had a small victory, which CN has reported fairly and decently.

It may be that the CN has turned a corner and really wants to engage constructively with cyclists to get news out there. I hope so. Or it could be that Raymond Brown is oh holiday? Either way, I'd like to urge the other journalists at the CN to keep up the good work.

The fact is no one wants blindly positive reporting. No one wants a newspaper to just keep waving the flag on behalf of cyclists. We want fair journalism that isn't just trolling for cycling hate. Where cyclists are targeted by the police for whatever it is next, can we have some fair analysis of the risks cyclists may be avoiding, and of the impact whichever assumed danger is being policed actually has? Can the level of decency and intelligent journalism on display here extended such that it is the norm for cycling stories? 

Come on guys. You can do it. You can abandon the trollbait. Question now is, will you?

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