Thursday 4 July 2013

One Show - the BBC get it right!

...but we're all watching The Scottish Player (if you say his name its bad luck) playing tennis instead.

I'm referring to this little gem on the One show last night:

Whats going on? I mean, great stuff with Ade Adepitan talking about cycling but NOT having to talk about his own paralympic sport, positive discussion about cycling on peak time television without a single irrelevant whinge about red light jumping or road tax, no one blaming cyclists for accidents caused by motorists, and honest portrayal of how you feel riding in traffic without anyone over-stating it?

I mean, whats WRONG with you BBC? You don't do cool, well presented, level headed, thought out and balanced articles on cycling. Ever. I mean, this is probably the best cycling article I've seen on the BBC. 

But this is the Cambridge Cyclist blog. I don't do unbridled positivity. Helmets guys? While pootling along at walking pace? Did the health and safety goblin poke his hideous green proboscis in?

That said, I thought Ade Adepitan came across excellently. Eloquent chap and every time I see him on the goggle box I wonder why he's not on the goggle box more often. And Carlton Reid - not bad either mate. 

For once I find myself breaking into a broad grin at a BBC article on everyday cycling in the UK and what could, indeed should, be.


  1. I travelled with a Brompton but not a helmet. Production crew asked me to wear one. As I sometimes wear a helmet when cycling I wore it.

    Not altogether happy about that but the bigger picture was to get good cycling coverage on a populist BBC programme.

    1. Agree entirely - bigger picture was good. Shame about the helmet but thats not enough to ruin it, not by a long way.