Tuesday 10 December 2013

I had an accident...

...and I'm suffering.

Hurt my nose and my eyebrow, there was blood. Not a lot, but enough.

I suppose its my own fault, after all I wasn't wearing a helmet. And that would probably have saved me. Collision occurred as I was going through town - I wasn't paying enough attention, I was looking at the change in my hand when a lady hit me from behind, propelling me forward. I wasn't wearing hi-viz or anything so I can't blame her. I broke the fall with my face. And a door frame.

A door frame, you ask? In the road? No, I was on the pavement. I was walking, you see, and I stopped. And a few moments later a little old lady bumped me from behind, I wasn't as well balanced as I may have been, and I went face first into the edge of a door frame. Bruised and bloody nose and head. 

Naturally, when you're walking you don't wear a helmet. And the result is that when you fall you'll hurt your head.

Pedestrians and motorists make up the bulk of head injuries. Yet we seem to obsess over cycle helmets. 

The moral of this tale? Don't stand in the way of little old ladies, they'll kick your ass. Oh, and if you want to wear a cycle helmet, thats fine. But try to understand the risk, in perspective. 


  1. Ouch! You've only got yourself to blame, I bet you didn't even pay your pavement tax. Be careful out there, the pavements are pretty gruesome at this time of the year ;-)

  2. Well yes it's a shame that this happened to you but probably about 80% of pedestrians have no regard for the highway code and are a menace to themselves and others so I have little sympathy. Perhaps if you paid some petrol tax towards those pavements that have been constructed at vast expense to and held a sign with a registration number at all times you could be held accountable for your actions.

  3. Did you show the old lady any respect? Because only then should you be allowed to share the pavement with us lawful tax-paying peds!

  4. It's about time that all these pedestrians were insured and licensed. I was walking along through the park one Sunday morning when a whole group of "recreational walkers" overtook me, dressed in their usual uniform of Jack Wolfskin or North Face. Some walking two or even three abreast, chatting away to each other. They were probably intoxicated from the night before as they were all over the footpath - some walking on the left, some on the right, some even walking along the grass!
    A couple were drinking whilst walking, sipping some kind of hot takeaway beverage and one was eating a muesli bar (possibly choc chip, or maybe raisin) but clearly all were being distracted whilst using the footway.

    Clearly it was a morning of chaos on the footpaths that day as a few minutes later I encountered a jogger speeding past in the other direction, with earphones in so would be deaf to their surroundings of over-eager dogs or wayward ducks.

    A bloomin' menace I tell thee.