Tuesday 27 May 2014

Huntingdon/Hills Road Cycle Schemes - Delayed by Councillors.

...or, possibly, it'll get canned alltogether.

Its not like it was the best imaginable scheme anyway, but all the same - it was the best we had on offer. If you recall I gave it a not entirely enthusiastic welcome back in March - here, have a look at it.

But why, you're asking, have councillors in Cambridge put back the decision on whether or not to build this improved route until the month after next? Is it because they've taken on board the criticism that maybe only improving small sections of ghastly roads might not be as revolutionary as all that? 

Have they bollocks. 

A minority of kamikaze cyclists will ruin it for everybody, apparently. Why, yes, now you ask, Councillor Jenkins of Histon did indeed say that there's a significant minority of cyclists who are 'kamikaze' - meaning that we really do intend to kill ourselves and significant numbers of other people. Yes, he really is stupid enough to compare cyclists with suicide pilots. 

Even those councillors who might be our allies see fit to appease critics by discussing what cyclists can do wrong rather than whether or not such routes will save lives. 

Piecemeal, partial implementation of good cycle facilities is hard in Cambridge. The result of this delay means we may see central government funds clawed back. Even facilities tried and tested in Cambridge with no ill effects to anyone for years can't be approved by councillors preoccupied with their belief that somehow this must all be a plot by cyclists to kill everyone else, skin them and render them down for chain oil. 

I despair of our county council.  And I despair of our county councillors. 

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  1. I don't think the fact that you could lose the funding entirely can be overstated. That money has to be spent within a very short timescale.

    As an engineer working for another Authority which won cycle funding, and having been involved in designing traffic schemes for many years, designing and implementing highway projects takes time. Even the simplest of schemes which everyone supports. Unless the council officers have taken a chance and already started detailed design then any significant delay to getting these proposals approved could make implementation of the whole scheme touch and go.