Monday 13 July 2015

Response from Devon and Cornwall Police...

So according to the police force in the South West, obeying the law on the road is a matter of conscience, not something for them to involve themselves in.

Yes, really. Look at their response:

Thankyou for your email.
We would not be able to take any further action if this is regarding the driver taking a photo whilst driving - it is down to the driver to be responsible whilst in their vehicle and ensure they are driving safetly. If a driver is witnessed doing this by an officer at the time then they will be stopped and potentially fined.
Many Thanks

So there you have it. Motons - is there no copper there present? Go for it, its down to you to be responsible and the Police couldn't give a wet slap.

Devon and Cornwall police, you're a disgrace to your uniforms.


  1. Wow - completely ludicrous attitude to take.

    And for the sake of hyperbole: "Well, sure, if we see someone stabbing someone well thats a different matter, but don't just show us the video footage of it because really its up to them to know that they shouldnt stab someone..."

  2. That ties in EXACTLY with what a D & C Police Inspector told me about Section 59 warnings - they will only *consider* issuing those when the poor driving was witnessed by a uniformed officer.
    Translation: We can't be botherer, stop troubling us with issues we have no interest in!