Thursday 21 April 2016

Positive Response from Stagecoach

Not the most world-shattering incident.  But troubling at the time...

I've claimed a good spot on the lane I'm in here - I'm approaching a constriction with a traffic island on the left roughly where the bus and cycle lane ends and the road narrows towards a bridge. And, of course, I've selected that spot on the road well in advance of passing the slower cyclist on my left.

The bus driver didn't agree with my decision.

So I tweeted at Stagecoach East and made them aware - and they called me this morning to tell me the driver will receive re-training and go through their disciplinary process. Thats as good a result as I'd have hoped for from this - I'm surprised it went as well as this, and happy about it.

Now if only the taxi companies were paying attention to this...


  1. You should have checked behind you before overtaking the other cyclist nobhead!!!!!!

    1. I saw the bus. I knew it was there. And I didn't move out into its path, at all. So, go fuck yourself.

    2. One of the many rules people driving cars (or buses) seem to forget is, don't overtake someone who is *already* overtaking someone. But Cambridge Cyclist moved out first anyway, so that's moot.