Wednesday 1 June 2016

Stagecoach - no strategy in dealing with complaints

A while ago I posted this. Now I don't want the rozzas turning up at two in the morning and breaking the guys door down, but taking a driver to one side and making it clear that you can't drive like that? Fine. And if he keeps doing it he's got to be in trouble. The response from the local bus depot was positive, they looked at it, they said sorry, they dealt with it - I don't want or need any details of their disciplinary process but I do want to know if they've taken it seriously.

A short while after it happened again. Same company, bus from a different depot. Fortnight ago.

And the response has been pathetic. They've passed me from pillar to post, they've taken a fortnight and not even admitted that the pass was unacceptable. One staff member was evasive to the point of rude on the phone.  Just talked to a manager at the depot and he'll tell me nothing. He takes it very seriously. Whoopee.

I alerted the Police because the initial response from Stagecoach was sluggish - my suggestion was the the coppers should have a word with the driver and just let him know its not ok, ideally in front of his mates at the depot, and I'm waiting to find out what they did. But the bus company? All I'm getting is that they don't disclose disciplinary stuff - which, bluntly, means I must assume for my own protection that they've done nothing. Whether you accept your driver was in the wrong is not the same as giving out private details from your disciplinary process - I'm not asking for the latter, I'm requiring that you give me assurances of the former. I want to know that you're addressing the specific problem I've raised, and thats all I want.

Maybe it would be informative to tell you what I don't want. I don't want to share the road with a driver who has knowingly passed me at high speed within around a foot of my elbow, driving a bus, squeezing pass too close at a traffic island where the road narrows, and who thinks thats justifiable because I'm in the bus lane (he said it, its in the video). I want to know a professional driver who is in charge of 15 tonnes at 30mph (1.35 MegaWatts of kinetic energy, equivalent to 640 bullets at muzzle velocity) will be corrected of the view that close passes of vulnerable road users as a punishment for being too far out are ok. 

I don't care about your disciplinary procedures or your internal wranglings - tell me that you give a damn that your driver acted this way. Thats not a lot to ask. 

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