Tuesday 14 February 2017

Cambridge Cops - Dreadful Response to Dangerous Driving

UPDATE: Well they called me up and started to explain why they weren't prosecuting. So I made a fuss because imho this footage is crystal clear. They went to have a look, tacitly admitted they'd been wrong, and are sending this off with recommendation to prosecute. What a bloody palaver - how the hell have I got to a point where I've got to pester the coppers to take action in clear, simple, direct video evidence like this?

Regarding this incident in November...

I was told at the time this was filed to the CPS. I was told yesterday it was dealt with by a verbal (hence not a formal) warning. That just isn't good enough, so I've sent this email (below) off, raised this with the PCC, and will push for better.

Dear (x),

I'm deeply worried about this.

There are no cyclists on road going the wrong way on any one way sections anywhere in the video. One is pushing a bike the wrong way on the pavement, one or two may be riding on the pavement. There are cyclists going the opposite way in front of Next there, but of course as you'll know that is two way for cyclists. I also fail to see how that would complicate things if prosecuting for close overtakes, driving on the pavement, going through a taxi/bus/cyclist only section, using the mobile phone while driving or just the sheer level of dangerous, aggressive driving. In fact I don't see why thats relevant at all - because some other people are doing a specified thing wrong (which is demonstrably untrue) its hard to prosecute him? That makes no sense, sorry.

How many times does the driver break the law in the video? The resolution is a verbal (i.e. informal) caution? Sorry officer, thats genuinely sinister - you've got rock solid video evidence of multiple laws being broken, and multiple members of the public visibly and audibly distressed by this but its not enough to prosecute him? I dob't believe that, and I don't accept it.

Please direct me to your process for reviewing this.


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