Wednesday 26 April 2017

Camcycle Local Election Survey 2017

One of the things Cambridge Cycling Campaign do well is their regular questionnaire. They might not ask the questions that are most on your mind in your own ward, but they do get responses on a lot of key cycling issues from election candidates. Sometimes it exposes the fact that a party has a lot of extremely well drilled candidates saying things that are suspiciously similar, sometimes it shows us a candidate is an idiot, it gives good candidates a chance to shine, and once in a while Burkinshaw down in Cottenham answers the questionnaire and we get comedy gold. 

As ever I'll go through party by party, picking out candidates as close to where I live as I can (so if not Kings Hedges I'll go to Chesterton, Arbury or further) for each party and give my views on their responses. Strap in, its usually a silly, silly ride.


  1. We do do a call out to members to submit the questions they would like for their ward- if we get no responses we're a bit stuck. There were basically only two of us working on the questions!

    as an exercise- how about having a go at answering them, as if you were running for election in your local division (it's county, they're Divisions not Wards)?

    1. Division, ward, whatever. Hmmm... My answers. Ok, after I've gone through the assorted parties, yeah, why not.

    2. Hell, even the politicians don't seem to be great at making the distinction between Division and Ward and they're trying to get elected to them.

      Oh, and there's been some issues behind the scenes which have meant that there's still a lot of answers coming in.