Friday 4 August 2017

Webchat of Cambridge Police Not Policing.

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 Operator : Hello, you are now chatting with a Police Control Room Operator, how may we help you today?
 Colin_Davidson : Hello, I'd like to report some dangerous parking - pavement and cycle lane blocked persistently by vans from same company, all week.
 Colin_Davidson : Images from yesterday: :link:
 Operator : Hello Colin, are the vehicles parked illegally ie on double yellow lines?
 Colin_Davidson : Image from today - this one was about half past nine :link:
 Colin_Davidson : To the right of the image (Water Street, just off the end of Fen Road) I think that yes, there's a double yellow line - this is missing the double yellow purely by parking on the pavement and cycle lane. Its -inside- the double yellow (I think)
 Colin_Davidson : Location is pretty close to directly opposite entrance to Liley Close
 Colin_Davidson : Hello? You still there?
 Operator : Hello Colin,
 Operator : I have looked at the images and it would appear that whilst the vehicle is partially on the cycle lane, there is enough room for cycles to get by.
 Operator : This would appear to be inconsiderate parking as opposed to illegal parking.
 Colin_Davidson : Not safely - advice in highway code is to avoid door zone. Its also on pavement next to (I believe) a double yellow line - you surely can't avoid a double yellow line by parking ENTIRELY on the pavement?
 Operator : I cannot see from the images a double yellow line?
 Colin_Davidson : I think the double yellow line is there on the road (which is to the right of the separator, to the right of the bike lane). I'd have to go and have a look - but clearly this parking isn't ok. Are you guys going to ignore it?
 Operator : It doesn't appear that the vehicle is parked on the part of the road that has double yellow lines? I agree, it isn't ok, but more inconsiderate parking as opposed to illegal parking.
 Colin_Davidson : Well, no, but you surely can't avoid a double yellow line by crossing the bike lane and pavement and blocking both instead of blocking the road? Is it ok to park on the pavement to avoid a double yellow line?
 Operator : Colin, this doesn't appear to be a road which has a high volume of traffic on it, which would cause problems in the flow of traffic.
 Colin_Davidson : So he could park on the road? Look, all I need to know is do you guys police dangerous and illegal parking like this or don't you? I won't waste your (or my) time if you're going to wash your hands of this illegal behaviour.
 Colin_Davidson : You seem to have gone. I'll take that as a 'no we don't police dangerous parking where both pavements and cycle lanes are regularly obstructed by motorists'.

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