Tuesday 24 April 2018

Cambridge Cycle Campaign Local Election Survey 2018

Its that time again.

Every time there's an election here, the local cycle campaign group Camcycle send some questions out to the candidates in the hope of finding out their attitude to cycling and cyclists - what (if anything) they'd do to improve things, what kind of measures would help, etc. Sometimes it is informative, often its funny, and occasionally its absurd. But its usually a good read.

This year its city council elections, with a third of seats up for grabs (well one over a third - there has been a resignation down in Chesterton, so one ward gets to elect two councillors). In terms of what this means for the City, if the Liberal Democrats play an absolute blinder and Labour fall flat on their faces this year then there's a decent chance the LibDems could gain overall control next year. But its a big ask - and I gather that the year after there may be a full local election on new boundaries. So this isn't so much about control of the city council this year - that isn't going to happen. Its about individual wards and individual councillors. 

I wouldn't suggest that cycling provision is the only thing you should be basing your vote on (it won't be for me) but its something to consider. And I hope that as I go through some of the responses that might help you make some decisions.

I'll use my normal format - I'll look at responses from the ward I live first, and then I'll go to neighbouring wards until I've found responses from two councillors from each party. I'll add links to those here as I go, and afterwards I'll post a summary. 

Got that? Great. Let us head down the rabbit hole together...

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