Tuesday 30 April 2013

Cambridgeshire County Council Elections - Summary

It would be fair to say that I've only scratched the surface - I've picked out two candidates from each party to base my analysis on. If you're interested, here they are again:


I'll go and look at a few of the minority party candidates and independents next, but for the moment, there it is.

I'm surprised to be relating that the Greens are comically inept in this area. It really pains me to say that. 

The Tories and Labour are about as bad as each other - the former having the odd good candidate but reverting to type with others, and the latter being full of platitudes but no substance or shape to their policies regarding cycling - they want to be seen as pro-cycling without throwing us the slightest scrap of actual policy. 

UKIP. Oh, UKIP. How you've made me laugh. At you. Not with you. 

And the Liberal Democrats? Well in Cambridge they're about to get crucified. Maybe thats why they're finally getting their policy right on cycling. I can only hope that they carry some of this through to how they do things at the City level, although I won't hold my breath. Best of a bad lot, truth be told.

The bottom line? Politicians, even at councilor level, are very good at saying a surprising amount, without a great deal of substance. 

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