Thursday 7 November 2013

Response to Rod Liddle 'War on Cyclists'

I thought I might end up writing a response to an article in the Spectator today, but on reflection it isn't worth it.

Its not because there aren't lots of good, solid responses out there already. There are. Its more that the article is, from beginning to end, pathetic trolling by numbers. Its a bad article, averagely written and almost entirely un-researched; if its an opinion piece then its an uneducated opinion piece.

So instead I'm going to put something far more worthwhile and relevant in this space.

Here are two chickens playing with a ball with food in it. You'll note one of them can't work out how to get grain out of the ball - she's STILL showing greater capacity for creative or original thought than Liddle.


  1. It's Liddle's way of working: he picks on an identifiable but relatively powerless minority and vilifies them in print until the heat gets too much for him and he has to switch target. Over the years his targets have included women, racial minorities, immigrants, muslims, the disabled, and atheists. I think cyclists can feel proud to be added to this list.

    1. Well thats one way to look at it. Or he's got less brains than a chicken, thats another.