Monday 25 November 2013

Telegraph Post in Middle of Lane!

So you've just finished building a road. Its lovely and smooth, a decent enough route, but its rather lower than another road next to it so you'll be blinded by oncoming vehicles. Oh, and there's a telegraph pole in the middle of this route on which you'll be thus blinded. Obviously the local road authority will be in a desperate hurry to move said pole out of the way, because there's no way that can be a good road?

Not if its a route intended for cyclists it won't.


  1. It's nowehere near finished, the pole is due to be moved, it doesn't have the final surface and further on the route is just mud (what with not being finished)

    Still daft that the pole wasn't moved first, mind , as it'll mean there's a defect beneath the final surface

    1. While true, you'd never open a new road or a new lane for cars with a demonstrably hazardous obstruction right in the middle of it. Its crazy and its bad.

    2. And symptomatic of the basic problem here. If I was in my car and they had something like that in the way, it would be fixed. What exactly is the excuse for treating me so much worse when I'm on my bike, which doesn't have crumple zones or airbags?