Tuesday 3 May 2016

Election Surveys 2016

Well, its that time again. When, briefly, local loliticians pretend to believe that their positions are in any way affected by what they say or do and aren't just a knee-jerk response to whichever political parties are most hated nationally, through a local-preference filter that makes Red, Blue or even Yellow rosettes an inevitability.

Yes. Contain your excitement. Its local election time.

As I have before, I thought I might go through the different parties and decide where a cyclists might sensibly place a vote if choosing solely on matters related to biking. As a resource for this I'm using the Cambridge Cycling Campaign survey, and the Smarter Cambridge Transport survey. I'll try to pick two from each party, and I'll start with those closest to where I live.

So lets do this in the order in which they appear on the City Council - lets start with Labour in my next post...

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