Wednesday 3 May 2017

Cambridge Cycling Campaign Election Survey - Summary.

Well its on the whole better than its been in the past.

The two local LibDems I found were both good - the Kings Hedges one excellent. If cycling is your only concern look at the LibDems.

Labour? Not bad. A bit formulaic and I have to say one of the candidates was naffly self serving rather than looking to answer the questions. But the responses weren't terrible. I did come away from writing that thinking they didn't care all that much about the topic, and were getting into replying because they felt they must. If cycling is important to you look at Labour, but ask some questions.

Tories? Wipe out. I mean verging on dreadful. Not hostile, but patronisingly rubbish.

UKIP don't give enough of a toss to even answer. Don't vote for them if you care about cycling unless you're delusional.

Greens - they're sometimes better than that in these surveys, but this time round they're middling. Not bad. Not epic.

On the whole we're seeing trends emerge in local politics here in Cambridge - one is that the LibDems are positioning themselves as the cycling party because its the right thing to do, its a social benefit all round. Labour are positioning themselves as the party that listen to people and do whats asked, but they come across as being quite selective in who they listen to and their compromising language feels like one from which we might be the ones we're compromised with. Dunno about that.
Tories were always bad except for the occasional good candidate, and the Greens are up and down.

As for UKIP, they've collectively said 'oh, for fucks sake' and given up.

So there you have it. For cycling, its fairly clear who's the best option in Cambridge. I just wish I could bring myself to vote for a local party that still treats Colin Rosenstiel with respect.

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