Wednesday 3 May 2017

Cambridge Election Survey - UKIP

Sorry for the delay, but I've not had time to get back to this until now, and last I looked not a lot of Kippers had answered.

So lets have a look through to see if enough have bothered with the Camcycle survey...

No for Kings Hedges, no candidate in Arbury, even Burkinshaw down in Chesterton has let us down (BOO!). First I've found is out in Bar Hill, one Helene Green. 

Personal and family experience riding, concerns for vulnerable..?

For many years I cycled to work from Thriplow to Addenbrookes Hospital - 15 miles each day. Eventually, I had to give up because of wear on my knees. I continued on two wheels because I bought a small motorcycle which helped greatly on the hills. My son was a concern because he had several accidents when he collided with both a car and a motorcycle. In those days we wore no safety helmets and he had no official training in road awareness or rules. I fully support formal training for young cyclists which I have seen taking place today. One criticism of today's cyclists is that many do not have or use bells.
Oh. Right then. I'd go so far as to say thats messed up if I'm honest. Victim blaming crap from the outset.

No answer on specific local issues for riding (especially children etc.). Or indeed for any of the other questions. Its basically a drive-by swipe at cyclists in one poor answer. Fail. 

Had to search hard for another who's even bothered, and we get to Adrian Dent in Melbourne and Bassingbourne (commuter territory South of Cambridge - lots of folk get on a train to Cambridge, lots to London).

He does ride and does care about bad facilities it seems...

I cycle quite frequently and yes I have concerns for the younger cyclists, between our village and Royston is a very poor cycleway

Challenges for cycling round his way?

 I would look to get more cycle paths within the villages and main roads

Straight forward and to the point, but 'more'? Didn't he just say the one he's got is bad? More and better. The two go hand in hand don't they?

What does he support in city deal etc?
I have been opposed to the city deal for being to City centric, whilst the East of the county is very deprived those of us in the SOuth of the county are treated like poor cousins
Well, duh. Its City Deal. Not County Deal. Please say what you want to do thats specific to getting things better for your division within that context but you're entirely missing the point here.

But otherwise? He agrees the junctions all suck and he wants to 'take cyclists off highways' (I do hope by bringing us better facilities to ride on off road). I've got to say though, this isn't a masterpiece of brevity. Its just under-thought.

So much for UKIP. Lets have a look at the Greens... 

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