Friday 28 July 2017

Camcycle Podcast 2 - comments

Not bad guys. Keep it up.

You're going to get a crap load of my opinions now so, well, there you go. If you don't like it don't read :)

I do think you should turn the microphone down and speak up more - background hum and slightly whispery nature of speaking makes it a bit echo-ey. 

An issue I've had with Ofo is just working it out - the instructions are pretty naff. Yeah, I've got the app but I've not worked out how - maybe a few words re. how you go about it and what happens when you leave it there afterwards?

Stop being so bloody nice about truly awful cycle facilities with cars parked in them - this risks our lives, say it, and say it clearly. Its unacceptable that councillors put as little value on our welfare as this.

Regarding North Cambridge Station - used it for the first time last weekend and rather liked the route to it, but there's a bizarre and perplexing lack of dropped kerbs around the cycle park. I don't get why they'd do that. Plans for changing cycle route do suck, but thats only part of whats actually a thoroughly uninspiring, ugly, unpleasant development plan. Nothing about the planning application there is good. Nothing.

Think maybe after a few of these rotating someone else in might not be a bad idea. You guys are cool and all but other views inside and outside of Camcycle would be worth hearing. Roxy is a good laugh and talks well, for example. The Polish guy building funky bikes on the market square or the folk making bike-themed art and occasionally on the market on Sunday, for example. Or someone from Outspoken who does bike training. Would be nice to talk to folk about where they cycle to and why, about what they ride and their experiences.

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