Thursday 13 July 2017

Sorry to drone on about Arbury Road...

I've just been looking at the Greater Cambridge website (thats what the re-branded City Deal call themselves now).

And its ever more clear that officers have basically gone rogue.
In order to avoid bird nesting season, hedge trimming and any removal will be undertaken in the Autumn from September onwards.
Well thats nonsense. They cut the hedge down and hastily re-planted in the last few days of March - this did cause massive disruption. Disruption and damage we're still fighting to reduce.

Whats interesting is that the original consultation documents aren't there on the site. Here's a link to them that doesn't work any more...

Forced to ask - why?

What are you hiding guys?

EDIT: I still can't find a link to the original consultation document which, I believe discussed reducing or removing parts of the hedgerows (not the removal of the whole thing). I have been directed here though - it seems Greater Cambridge isn't quite that keen to keep all of their old material in one place.

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