Thursday 6 June 2013

And this is where I could have died today...

You won't have forgotten about it if you're a regular reader here.

This junction here.

The one I'm approaching in this video:

Nowhere else I can really be in this lane - I'm not far out into the lane, but its so congested on the other side there simply isn't room to safely overtake wherever I am in the lane. Doesn't really matter anyway, the traffic ain't moving much so there is no point in passing me. What'll govern how long the motorists spend on the road is all the other cars, not waiting a few moments to safely pass a cyclist.

You'll note that there isn't anything in the plans to give us extra space on the approach I was on. There is space to build that in, of course, but thats needed for cars. After all, they have to be able to inch forward to queue slightly further on. Thats important you know.

We might get advanced stop boxes.  But no way to get to them. 

We also might get some advance lights. But ultimately it'll be the same meat grinder of a road set up as it is now, because the County Council do not believe in putting the safety of cyclists ahead of saving moments from car journeys.

You know what, Cambridgeshire County Council? You can give us as many cycle routes as you like; if we've still got to ride roads like this to get to our destination, you'll still see cycling failing to gain any more ground in Cambridge. Any trip is only as good as its worst junction, look how bad the run up to this one is.

I can't stress enough, sufficient motorists hold the safety and welfare of cyclists in complete disregard such that engineering solutions MUST be better than we're offered here. Anything short of that? Our road planners and those who favour motorist convenience over the safety of cyclists are complicit in every incident, every injury, and every death caused.

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