Wednesday 19 June 2013

Manifesto for Cycling Facilities part 2: Cycle Facility Maintenance and Management (in progress)

All cycle facilities must be maintained at a level to allow cyclists of all competence levels to safely use them. This includes:

1. Removal of litter and debris - regular cleaning as would be expected of roads, and timely response to reports of broken glass are essential
2. If the route is parallel to or alternative to any road, then gritting should be as if for that road, i.e. if the road alternative is on a gritting schedule, the same schedule must be applied to the cycling facility
3. Foliage that obscures vision or narrows the cycle route should be regularly cut back to keep the lane clear
4. Trees, bins, signs etc. have no place within the cycle facility any more than they do in the lane of a road - a cycle route with a tree in it is not a cycle route
5. Temporary road signs must not be placed in cycle routes - information for passing motorists is not as important as safe passage for cyclists
6. Surface maintenance such that passage for cyclists of all skill levels is required
7. Drainage of cycle routes is essential - if it is reasonable to anticipate flooding then it is not a cycle routes
8. Labels indicating where the cycle lane is and priority over side roads must be maintained - this is especially crucial where roads cross the cycle lanes as motorised transport rapidly wears out the paint
9. Enforcement of use of cycle lanes is of paramount importance - no parking of motorised vehicles can be allowed, and this must be rigidly enforced with the exception of vehicles repairing the road, and emergency vehicles. This effectively means that the law as it stands must be enforced.

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