Thursday 6 June 2013

Damn pavement cyclists.

Always injuring pensioners.

You can't go out for a walk without some lycra lout mowing you down.

And after causing damage they just ride off.

Its a wonder anyone dares walk anywhere at all.


  1. At lunch-time today, the taxis were ridiculously over-ranking as usual, and as I was walking past, they all of a sudden started to clear: coincidentally, at the same time the Civil enforcement officer walked towards them, starting from the front of the rank.

    Thus giving the guy in the front taxi more than ample time to radio in a warning.

    What absolute dicks.

    1. The enforcement officers know full well that the cabbies scatter when they approach. The Police know the same thing. The answer is plod or enforcement officers to turn up out of uniform to take pics and fine the cabbies who are risking peoples lives through thoroughly selfish driving/parking.

      Simple truth is that neither the police nor our councils think its important enough, as evidenced by the fact that they don't do anything.