Monday 17 June 2013

Cycle Lane Manifesto

I've been pondering of late why cycle campaign groups so often fail to get us the facilities we really need for mass cycling in the UK, and it occurs to me that there are no real 'red lines' here. By this I mean that no matter how bad cycle facilities are, there are sufficient cycle campaigners who see 'something is better than nothing' as a reasonable stance.

I disagree with this claim. I think that most cycle routes in the UK are so bad that they actively discourage cycling. If you encourage cyclists on to 'safe' routes that are actively dangerous then you'll end up putting cyclists off. Such routes should, at all times, be opposed.


Help me out. I want to compile a 'cycle lane manifesto'. Join in on Twitter using #CycleLaneManifesto, or reply here. Give me your thoughts.


  1. How about, cycle lanes and cycle paths will be treated like other vehicular infrastructure. They will be swept for litter, have greenery/shrubbery trimmed and be gritted during icy/snowy weather.

    1. Perfectly reasonable!
      imho if the cycle lane is by a route that is gritted, if its a main road thats gritted, the cycle route should be gritted too whether its on or off road. And yes, clearing it of crap (overgrowing plants etc.) makes sense!

      Thanks for suggestion :)

  2. Dear Cab,

    This may be a late reply to your request for contributions to a cycle lane manifesto, but I myself have created a document that may well correspond to this idea.

    First of all, have a look at my photostream of exemplary cycle infrastructure:

    The document basically juxtaposes each outstanding example with a poor example. I am more than willing to forward you the document so that you can substitute some examples with pictures from Cambridge.

    Here is a snapshot of the document:

    Keep up the good work! Thomas Miles, fellow daily cyclist, Leeds.