Monday 7 November 2016

A week of normal, every day cycling

I'm often confronted by the implication that because I cycle I must be somehow doing things differently to everyone else, that my life is more complicated or difficult somehow. Perhaps this is because most people don't get that riding a bike isn't a preoccupation or a hobby in itself (although it can be), its just a way of getting about. Cycling seems to be what makes us stand out, its how those who see us doing it define us, and they're rather unable to deal with the fact that we don't define ourselves by it in the same way.

Riding bikes isn't my hobby. I mean, yeah, it might seem like it is to you because this blog is all about riding, but really this place is more a reaction to being treated as if I'm weird for what I consider to be a background activity. So I thought maybe I could get across some of what riding a bike is all about by describing my riding for a week - maybe if non-cyclists can see that we're just folk getting around, maybe in some small way this will contribute to us no longer being seen as two-wheeled weirdos. 

I'll put the first post up tonight sometime. What kind of thing about daily cycling do you want to hear about?

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