Monday 14 November 2016

Normal Everyday Cycling - Day 6 and 7

Horrible weather on Saturday, but we could still pick up the remainder of our shopping by bike. First went out to Daily Bread, a sort of wholefood place where as ever I was struck by people driving colossal 4x4's to a supposedly 'ethical' outlet to buy less stuff than we get home by bicycle. Only a small load required this week though, not enough to warrant the bike trailer so we wend there and filled the bike trailer with dried fruit for Christmas cooking, 5kg of flour and yeast for the bread machine and a few other bits and bobs. Then we took a round-about route home to see if there might be the first of the wild blewit mushrooms of the year. There weren't - but still, worth a look, they won't be long. Again, while I normally wouldn't even think about this it just wouldn't be possible to combine that with a shopping journey by car.
Then out to the local shops in Arbury for other stuff and to put our Christmas order in with the butcher in plenty of time, for local gossip (and celery) from the greengrocers, and to the supermarket for more bits and bobs. Not a lot to get but, again, by being on a bike we weren't tied to where we could easily park a car, so we can far more easily get to the smaller shops with no loss of time. 

Sunday was, for me, a toss up between going out looking for mushrooms or going down to the Allotment in the morning before meeting some mates - I chose the former largely because I fancied a bit more of a ride in the sunshine. That means I'll have to harvest some veg from the plot one morning on the way to work - which isn't a big deal. My better half went in to town in the afternoon for a bit of Christmas shopping and I gather met a friend for a tea, while I spent the afternoon gaming with the lads at a mates house.

All in all, a chilled, relaxed weekend - I wouldn't say riding my bike defined the weekend in any way, but it did enable it.

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