Thursday 10 November 2016

Normal Everyday Cycling - Day 3

Day late with this one, did't have time to put this up last night.

Raining this morning so had to don an extra garment - waterproof over-trousers. Cheap and cheerful things from an Army and Navy place on Ebay, I don't need them very often but once in a while they're handy.

Traffic was crazy again this morining as ever, cars queued up at the road works and the traffic lights, and as ever, didn't delay me by much.

Wasn't raining after work, so the waterproofs were stuffed into the pannier back, rode out to the shops to pick up some snacks for my partner and I. We were going to the pictures to see Dr. Strange and meeting there at the cinema. Handy to be able to lock up the bike right outside both the cinema (the Light, rather than the Vue, which really needs to sort out its bike parking at the Grafton Centre urgently) and the shops up on Fitzroy Street, so I had time to do that while she booked tickets. Car traffic was bumper to bumper on Hills Road, with long streams of angry motorists getting into bike lanes, clogging junctions, etc. Managed to avoid much of that by taking a back route along by Fenners, but there's no way to avoid Hills Road bridge.

Not such a bad film, got home about nine-ish on rather queiter roads. One sticky moment with a car accelerating fast on the wrong side of the road on Gonville Place heading towards the traffic lights at the Catholic Church junction, a seemingly mindless manevore that couldn't hope to gain him anything. Don't know for the life of me what it was about, was he just frustrated by being stuck there?

I don't immediately see how we could have done any of this by car or bus - two of us coming from different places to meet at the cinema and get home together? I don't get how people who rely on cars manage any kind of social life, at least during the week!


  1. I like this series, but can you expand on your beef with the cycle parking at the Vue? Whenever I've used it, it seems fine — it's right outside the door, the stands are good quality Sheffield racks, and although there are not very many of them, I've never failed to find a space.

    1. Sure. Here you go: