Thursday 10 November 2016

Normal Everyday Cycling - Day 4

Another wet morning, but more cold than moist so scarf and hat this morning.
Struggling to think of anything exciting to say about riding to work and back today - the only thrilling thing to relate is that, as ever, when the weather is wet the roads are more rammed full of cars than at other times. I thought I'd go a different route to avoid the worst of if, but there's no getting around it, when the weather is bad some of the people who'd walk or cycle drive, and the result is carmageddon. And with that comes a delays to the bus service.

So another day of commuting faster, easier and really enjoyably by bike. 

The only question I'm left with on a day like today is why me riding a bike is held somehow definitive of me, whereas all the people spending way longer in their cars are not defined thus instead. My way is faster, easier, simpler faster and lower stress than the other options, its the sensible option. So why is it seen as the odder choice?

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