Saturday 12 November 2016

Normal Everyday Cycling - Day 5

The weather forecast for Saturday was looking grim, so I took the Elephant Bike again on Friday to get some of our shopping on the way home, and go to the market at lunch time. There are a couple of little farm shops in Cambridge, but at opposite ends of the city centre and I wanted to visit both. That means either a long walk or riding a bike between them (goodness knows where you'd park a car if you were trying to get to one shop on Lensield Road and another on Mitchams Corner).

Crazy mad traffic on the way in to town again - thats every day this week. Might have been the worst of all on Friday morning. I tend not to think about it, but I suppose for the most part its the same people stuck in the same traffic every single day and I can't imagine how long it must take them all to get to work. I don't feel smug or superior at all when I pass them, just a lack of understanding as to why they choose to travel that way. Surely the park and ride or the park and cycle has to be better than spending that long getting in and out of the city centre every day.

So I managed to get to both of the farm shops on the way home, and the market at lunchtime, and loaded up the pannier bags and basket with a box of clementines, a brace of pheasant, a chicken, two bottles of Fentimans and plenty of cheese and assorted impulse buys from the farm shops too without really having to make another trip - being able to stop and lock up a bike en route wherever I'm going provides a huge advantage over pretty much any other way of getting around. 

With any luck there might be at least a few moments of dry weather and time to get out into it over the weekend...

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