Tuesday 8 November 2016

Normaly Everyday Cycling - Day 2

A colder morning today, with neighbours spending what seemed an eternity warming up cars and scraping ice prior to driving off. The traffic news was all about crashes here and delays there, but nothing that ought to have been a problem for me.

Traffic was again heavy on the main roads, with road works on Arbury Road to make things even more unpelasant. I filtered past on the outside both at the road work lights and at the end, and I'll confess I gave the guy in the shiny white SUV that passed me way above the 20mph limit to be stuck in traffic in front a bit of a dirty look.

Was surprised to be undertaken by a lady on a road bike going around the roundabout on Milton Road, and I did shout a warning at her (the bike-rider package I represent doesn't have the turning circle she does). We were in danger of both coming off as she turned into the space I was heading in to. She didn't approve of that! But I'd rather an exchange of a few harsh words in response to yelling a warning than come to grief on a the roundabout.

City Centre was rammed again, but I could console myself that my neighbours were probably still scraping ice off their windscreens...

Rode in to town from work at lunchtime, picked a few things up at the shops.

And as ever at this time of year the trip home was in the dark. Again, coming out of the city centre the car traffic was heavy, especially on Magdalene Street where the one-way section was backed up in both directions with cars filling the space and preventing oncoming traffic. Again, everyone on the road seemed angry except fot the cyclists. Milton Road was likewise a bit crazy, and coming off Mitchams Corner I was a bit concerned by the taxis blocking the cycle lane - but it wasn't a problem, the traffic wasn't so bad I couldn't get around them.

So not as uneventful as yesterday, but basically humdrum.

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